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Buddhist Guidelines for Managing Self: Insights for Modern Day Managers
Volume: 15 Number: 1 Year: 2015

Ipshita Bansal
Nivedita Trivedi

p align="justify">In today’s scenario of tough competition and run for success, managers forget their true self. They are doing whatever they can do to win the race without thinking ethically. The need here arises to manage personal competencies that include self –awareness, self-regulation, and self-expectations.

An individual who possesses self-confidence and positive attitude is considered to be a person with healthy self. In present scenario developing a positive self is the need of the hour. For building a healthy self, individuals can take refuge in teachings of Gautam Buddha. Based on teachings of Gautam Buddha of four noble truths, mindfulness, eight fold path models can be prepared to help managers understand the true self.

Keywords: Brahmavihara, Buddhism, Eight fold Path, Four Nobel Truths, Mindfulness, Self Management

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