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I hail from Jabalpur and have spent most of my life there before I came to Indore for my PGDM. I believe that life is a book and for me a new chapter has started with Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore. I am looking forward to this new chapter because the institute has a unique education culture that gives me the opportunity to evolve at my own pace. It works towards my overall development, and I feel it will make me a better individual.

The 15 day induction program has already brought about a change in me. The session began with helpful advice from experts in the field, and several activities were also conducted for our benefit. The institute has already changed my notions about education because I have realized that it’s not just about classroom learning. I love the fact that the institute focuses on peer learning.

Jaipuria Institute of Management gives you diverse opportunities like IMP CHISEL (winter internship programme), Summer Internship Programme and also IDP (Individual Development Programme), in which every student is groomed to develop his or her overall persona and become a successful manager. We get to learn a lot not only from the experienced faculty members but industry experts as well. Also, I am very excited about the mentorship program where each faculty member is assigned 5-6 students to mould them into future professionals. Undoubtedly, the B-school’s curriculum and daily operations are very student-centric, giving students the maximum exposure and primary importance.

The student life at the institute is fun and engaging. You get to be a part of several activities that are student-driven and work towards building leadership skills. This is the first time I am living away from home, but Jaipuria, Indore has welcomed me with open arms. I have found a new family on the campus.

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