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“Leaders are made, not only born”

John Gracy

Leadership is not a place where one can arrive, rather it is a journey which one needs to undertake and keep on moving. Leadership can be learnt and developed provided one would be willing work towards it. Case based teaching is a strong methodology of experiential learning, especially when the context is easily understandable and clearly visualized. When students are able to relate learning with the context around and perhaps also able meet the protagonist as well, it is bound to create memorable experience leading to great learning. Here at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur we have taken the lead in this regard and proposed to write leadership cases from local Rajasthan context with a view to make it available to students. The Leadership Lab will enable students to participate and learn from all such leadership cases which will further be built and shaped with relevant follow up workshops and forums. The idea is to appreciate and develop leadership which goes from local context to global context. The teaching of cases in the Leadership Lab will also bring about innovation in pedagogy to the forefront. Each case will have wellstructured pedagogy which will touch upon human senses and encourage the element of mystery, drama, humor as the dominant tool. The learning outcomes will be measured and sessions recorded for larger dissemination and further research on teaching-learning.


The Leadership Lab would be aiming towards few critical objectives, listed as follows:

  • To develop decision making and leadership acumen amongst students.
  • To develop an appreciation of the local and domestic context more efficaciously.
  • To make students more agile and receptive towards change.

The use of case studies can be a very effective classroom teaching-technique. It is an exercise in negotiation, compromise, creativity and ofcourse respect for others’ viewpoint.The Leadership Lab will allow students to experience the real-world problems related to life and business that are often difficult to understand and do not have an obvious solution. The idea is to provide an immersive experience and bringing students as close as possible to reality.

Director's Message

Learning Leadership From Local to Global, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur

Dr. Prabhat Pankaj

Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur

Welcome to the Leadership Lab!

Here you will find teaching cases and videos of how they have been taught in the classroom environment. This is useful from two points of view:

  1. Teaching method and
  2. Contextualizing learning.

Our objective is to develop leadership cases from local Rajasthan state context where our institute is situated, and use them for teaching our students with a view to develop leadership qualities in them. There is a need to get inspired with local success stories and learn from stories of failure. Any neglect to relate education with the local need and stories would make it incomplete and devoid of context. At Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur we did not want to miss on the opportunity to learn from local stories and bring them to the classroom to make it more contextual and exciting for participants. Perhaps, Jaipuria Institute of Management will be the first B-school in the country to initiate writing of teaching cases on local scenario in a big way and make it a part of curriculum. I am sure this project has the potentiality of impacting learning in a big way and make it more relevant and contextual. I admire the foresight, perseverance, and courage of our faculty colleague who decided to take up this project. I would also like to put on record my sincere thanks and gratitude to all the protagonists of teaching cases included in this volume who saw merit in what we wanted to carry forward with, and agreed to be part of this initiative. Now, we would like to open this learning for everyone interested in case based teaching on leadership, especially learning from the local context and using them to address global problems. Please drop in your comments and suggestion to us.

Leadership Lab Cases - Batch 2023-25

Leadership Lab Cases - Batch 2022-24

Leadership Lab Cases - Batch 2021-23


Dr. Prashant Gupta

“The case discussion was a thrilling experience with full involvement of students, excellent coordination between the steering faculty, wonderful comments from Ms Mugdha Sinha, The Protagonist of the case, and explicit outcome in terms of attributes for a good leader”

Dr. Aparna Mendiratta

“The case discussion was extremely high on energy and was very engaging for all”. The unique pedagogy has set the benchmark in executing the case study in a very unique way.”

“This new engagement strategy have helped me to gain greater insights and provided a new way of learning. The leadership lab not only gives out information rather lets us absorb it. Never thought that learning can have so much fun.”


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