Dr. Upendra Nath Shukla

Email: upendra.shukla@jaipuria.ac.in
Location: Jaipuria Lucknow


Insurance And Risk, Banking And Financial Services, Behavioral Finance And Fintech.

Corporate Finance, Security Analysis, Insurance And Risk, Banking And Financial Services, Accounting For Business.

Dr. Upendra Nath Shukla Holds PhD in Insurance, Masters in Finance & Marketing and is UGC-NET/SLET qualified. Having accumulated over 20 years of experience, Dr. Shukla has successfully navigated both academia and industry. Throughout his career, he has held various senior managerial positions in reputable organizations, demonstrating his ability to assume diverse responsibilities. These roles have encompassed branch operations, audit, Financial services and risk management. He has been the Principal Investigator of the research project of IRDAI, GOI and Co-PI for another research project on Ayushman Bharat, by State Agency for Comprehensive Health and Integrated Services (SACHIS). He has authored numerous research papers that have been featured in highly regarded SCOPUS/ABDC journals, specializing in the areas of banking and finance. Google Scholar | ORCID

Shukla, U. N., & Dubey, A. (2022). Expectations of FinTech start-ups and regulatory sandbox in India: an empirical study. International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, 27(2), 242-262.

Shukla, U. N. (2022). Prospects of mobile payments in Northern India: customer segmentation and profiling. International Journal of Business Excellence, 27(1), 23-37.

Shukla, U. N. (2018). Enhancing life insurance penetration and density in India: purchase intention modelling. International Journal of Economics and Business Research, 15(2), 141-154.

Shukla, U. N. (2017). An empirical study on future of mobile-wallets in India: A gateway for cashless payments. Arthshastra Indian Journal of Economics & Research, 6(6), 51-62.


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