Dr. Rakesh Belwal | Adjunct Professor | Jaipuria Lucknow

Dr. Rakesh Belwal

Adjunct Professor
Dean Sohar University,


Email: rbelwal@soharuni.edu.om
Location: Jaipuria Lucknow

Research Areas

Consumer Behavior
Psychometric Perception Analysis
E-Business, Entrepreneurship
Marketing in the Developing World
Public Transport
Public policy and Business related local issues

Teaching Areas

Principles of Marketing
Marketing Management
Consumer Behavior
Strategic Management
Management Science and Business Statistics


Dr. Belwal is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business at Sohar University. Dr. Belwal possesses a mix of academic, professional, and administrative experience in the areas of university-level teaching and business. He has been a gold medalist in his business administration program and the first ranker in MA (Economics).

He has a rich experience in teaching at the tertiary level at different institutions of repute in India and abroad. In addition to teaching, he has extended training to government, public, and private sector officials in India and Ethiopia. In his earlier assignment, he worked as an Associate Professor in the Department of Management of Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, and received the ‘Excellent professor for the year-2007’ award for his performance in the MBA program of the Faculty of Business and Economics.

He has been a visiting professor in the MBA program of the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (India). Dr. Rakesh has a soundtrack record of publications of several research papers in renowned journals and has participated in more than 35 conferences in India and abroad. He has contributed one book in the area of ‘Internet Marketing of Tourism’.

Currently, Dr. Belwal is associated with Jaipuria Management Institute in Lucknow, as Adjunct Professor.


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Belwal, R. 2017. Public Transportation in Oman: A Strategic Analysis. Advances in Transportation Studies. 42 (3): 99-116. [Scopus Indexed].
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Al Jabri, O., Collins, R., Sun, X., Bose, S., and Belwal, R. 2015. Measuring Relationship Marketing Effect on Small-Scale Fishermen Income in the Batinah Coast, Sultanate of Oman. Marine Fisheries Review, 77(4): 20-28. DOI: 10.7755/MFR.77.4.3. [ERA Rank B] [Scopus Indexed].
Belwal, R., Priyadarshi, P., Al Fazari, M. 2016. Graduate Attributes and Employability Skills: Graduates’ Perspectives on Employers’ Expectations in Oman, The International Journal of Educational Management, 31 (6):814-827, [Scopus Indexed].
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