Sustainability is not the culmination of a journey. In fact, it is the commencement of a communitycentered process of learning how to live sustainably and regeneratively in a particular locality with its ecological and cultural uniqueness. The current challenge before humanity is a daunting mandate-it is about re-designing the human presence on earth. NOW the time has arrived to regenerate the planet and mitigate it from the aftermaths of indiscreet development. The onus lies on us to create thriving local communities and vibrant circular bioeconomies. It is our responsibility to create an equitable and just distribution of resources through global-local collaboration. Transcending geographical, sectorial and ideological divides to implement the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a tall order. We owe a lot to all, but more especially to our immediate habitat-Our Vibrant State of Rajasthan.

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