Faculty Development Program On Research Methodology and Data Analysis Through SPSS
21st - 22nd June, 2018 at Jaipuria Institute Of Management, Noida

Research plays an important role in development of the society by increasing the quantum of knowledge and solving crucial problems in different areas of social sciences. The recent research movements are generally based on recognition of need for critical. The traditional emphasis on factual knowledge and singular truths is diminishing and the knowledge generation and cultural interchange is increasing . This necessitates the awareness of research tools.

In today’s era of computers, it is the high time to use computers in our statistical calculations, through the use of SPSS package in our research project. Many educators are interested in undertaking research and guiding their students in different functional areas but they lack the needed know how and the application of appropriate statistical tools. Also, many researchers in the social sciences use SPSS to perform data analysis, but often formal training in use of the software and how to interpret output is severely lacking. This workshop using SPSS aims to eliminate the quantitative skills deficit, that exists among many social science researchers.

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