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Did you know that India and other countries like Japan and China have been doing extremely well in tackling environmental issues through Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM)? Dr. Vijayvargy recently got his paper “A Comparative study of Green Supply Chain Management Practices in Indian, Japanese and Chinese companies” published in the IUP Journal of Supply Chain Management. The paper is an insightful study to align supply chain with business strategy. To read more and access the article in whole, visit: http://www.iupindia.in/1309/Supply%20Chain%20Management/A_Comparative_Study.html


This paper aims to introduce and compare the environmental issue, Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) and its practice in large companies of India, Japan and China by examining 121 Indian organizations for their involvement in GSCM. Along with this, performance improvement in terms of GSCM for Indian companies relative to Japanese and Chinese companies is also analyzed. The paper focuses on various GSCM factors like internal environmental management, green purchasing, customer cooperation with environmental considerations, eco design and investment recovery, and company performance in terms of environmental performance, operational performance, and financial performance. The comparative analysis reveals that Indian organizations fare quite well in implementing GSCM. In segments like internal environmental management and investment recovery, Indian companies have made significant improvement. Further, Indian organizations perform consistently well even at initial stages of GSCM implementation. The analysis also reveals that GSCM efforts have resulted in significant environmental and operational performance and moderate financial performance for Indian organizations. In short, India is doing better than China, and relative to Japanese companies, Indian organizations are competing in some segments while lagging behind in others.

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