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With the best service organizations, failures can happen – may be due to the fact that service not available as expected, it may be delivered too late or too fast or employees may be not courteous. These service failures develop negative experiences. If not fixed they can lead to customers leaving, bad mouthing about the services or even going to consumer courts. It has been seen that resolving the problems effectively has a very positive impact on the customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers who experience service failures but the same has been fixed by the service providers as soon as possible then the loyalty level of the customers got increased. It has been identified that customers who are dissatisfied, but experience excellent service recovery, usually be more satisfied and more prone to repeat purchase than are those who are satisfied at the first place. It has been found that a customer give more importance on their recent service quality experiences in their decision for repeat purchase. Service Recovery plays a very important role in maintaining and improving customer satisfaction and human capital market is not an exception. HR Service Industry in India is there for around more than three decades. Service Sectors were not great contributors to Indian GDP in pre-linearization era. But post 1991 Service Industry started gaining higher pie in the Indian GDP. IT/ITES Industry was the major contributor in such growth. However, HR Service Industry were not playing a big role in such growth mainly because of the Brick and Mortar Style traditional service delivery system as compared to the highly matured other service sectors playing globally like ITand ITES Industry. The primary focus of this study is identifying the probable impact of Relationship Quality on various service quality parameters and thereby on perceived service quality of the customers in the context of HR services and in the process develops measurement constructs both for service quality parameters and perceived service quality with specific fit to HR service operations in the recruitment domain. In this paper the authors have tried identify the factors that affect the Service Recovery Process in the HR Service Industry specifically in the Recruitment Industry.

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