Technical and vocational education is one of the branches of education offered today. It is offered to furnish opportunities for students with a tendency towards practical skills in relation to science and engineering education to fit the needs of skilled manpower in the industry, both inside and outside the land. In Malaysian society, to understand this technical education program, many related programs have been produced and provided. This breeding scheme was also inserted from Secondary School level till University level. This research will be conducted based on the set of questionnaires that will be distributed to the respondents, a randomly selected person in numerous age levels through an electronic/manual survey forms. The questions will be categorized into specific elements, the demographic, and later try to look into several factors derived from previous studies. The number of respondents will be taken100 in number to whom a set of questionnaires will be distributed to them. The method used to collect the data is systematic sampling technique because the main target for audience are youngsters between the age of 16 to 22 and the other part of populations are people who are already completed their cycle of educations, either they are employed, or conduction their own business. This aims to understand the public perception at all level with more focus on exposure of TVET Education to public.

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