Today, the discourse of entrepreneurship seems to have changed with the inception of eco-friendly women entrepreneurship in rural areas which proved as a panacea for societal development. In a patriarchal society, a man still remains doubtful about women’s ability to be a good entrepreneur in spite of the fact that women appear to be more psychologically flexible and have a diplomatic administrative way of working. Village women are often equipped with artisan skills, albeit they struggle to become economically self-reliant. Multitasking is another virtue of women as they can execute various tasks at the same time; thus, women seem to be more productive than men. This paper is intended to provide an understanding of the paradigm shift in rural areas of the country in terms of theoretical amalgamation of the conventionally accepted capitalist, corporate or businessoriented entrepreneurship and eco-friendly women entrepreneurship where women entrepreneurs leave indelible marks for societal development in agrarian sectors and so forth. Entrepreneurship is a key element through which rural economic development can be achieved. The paper tries to reveal the impact of ecofriendly women entrepreneurship on rural areas for the alleviation of penury of the villagers, especially in agriculture sectors and domestic affairs, with the attempt to address the issues related to farmers, workers, daily wagers, etc.

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