On 15th April 2017, Akhilesh Mehta, a 38-year-old service manager of Bello Italiano Restaurant, had a bad day of his life. On that day everything seems to stretch out interminably. In the evening, he settled down in the car and flicked his favourite gold flake cigarette while listening to sad songs from his old collection. He’s getting into a depressed state of mind and blaming himself that the world spins violently around him because on that day he got into an argument with a client that almost destroyed his happiness into pieces. Then he drove the car, steering away from the faster lanes and reached a bar to get a drink. He ordered a drink as soon as he walks into the bar because he wanted and needed to forget everything. After some time, he got into a conversation with the bartender of the bar and summed up about his current state of mind. He shares with him that, nowadays, clients are getting so irresponsible that they don’t even understand certain rules and regulations of a particular place. These days’ clients are well-educated and they themselves are working at a good professional level but still, they’re not willing to follow the rules and timings of a restaurant. He shares that being a service manager of the restaurant, he respects each and every client but they too have to understand that there are certain timings of serving food at a restaurant which includes breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner that should also need to be followed by them. Because sometimes clients wish to make their own rules and try to enforce upon them. Perhaps, it can be because they’ve never been to a high-priced luxury restaurant.

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