Entrepreneurship has been identified as the sure way to reducing poverty and mass under development of many developing countries for which India, particularly the North Eastern Region (NER) of the country is no exception. One of the major challenges facing by the people in this part of the country is unemployment. The situation applies to both the uneducated and the educated groups alike. In such a situation entrepreneurship can unleash the economic potential of young people and be a source of new jobs and growth, while improving their economic independence. But the establishment of entrepreneurial activities is not so encouraging in the whole of North Eastern Region of India. This study aims at the identifying mainly the intentions and perceptions of the youths of the North East Regions (NER), India and their motivational and confidence level in taking up the venture of an enterprise. The study tries to identify the perceptions of the youths in the region about the barriers to entrepreneurship. The study covers educated youths who are studying their final years in the colleges, institutions and universities in the major cities and towns of eight states of NER of India. The whole analysis for this present study depends solely on primary data collected from the educated youths while taking the sample. However, secondary data is also collected from various sources like journals, books, manuals and reports of the State Government for literature part. Other sources include State Libraries, University Library and many other related institutions, etc. The collected data is analyzed with the help of various statistical tools. Further charts, diagrams and graphical representations are also being used.

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