Women’s Economic empowerment is one of the big problems in Indian economic system because overall development cannot be achieved unless and until women’s have their equal rights and place in every sphere in the society. Women population comprises major segment in Indian population. Their development issue is the major concern for government and country as a whole. Government has to look after each and everything possible ways and means to change their present vulnerability with the help of different poverty eradication programme/rural development programme such as IRDP, NREP, JRY, NSAP etc. Women’s Economic empowerment is one of the most important parameters of the overall empowerment which includes social, psychological and political aspects of empowerment. Indian government has taken many initiatives to remove the poverty and vulnerability for women by implementing many programme and schemes but all are in vein. One such programme i.e. SHG-Bank linkage programme is still functioning till today. This papers aims to understand if through this scheme economic empowerment of rural people is taking place or not.

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