It is once again a privilege to inform you about publication of next issue of Jaipuria International Journal of Management Research. With the release of July to December 2017 issue of the journal, we have successfully completed its three volumes. As the new Chief Editor of the journal, I whole-heartedly thank all our contributors, subscribers and readers from all corners of the world to make this happen and assure you that we shall always strive hard to further improve quality of the journal through your valuable suggestions and to publish the same always in time as per its regular schedule.

A lot of discussions and debates are going on predatory journals. Journals which publish anything and everything after charging a hefty fee without any review or quality check processes citing fake impact factors etc. I am proud to say that Jaipuria International Journal of Management Research stands tall with its head high as it is a purely academic refereed journal and doesn’t use any unethical practice. All our included papers go through a strict double blind review process and plagiarism check and we don’t charge even a penny from our contributors for publication of their papers. And that is the prime reason that in spite of comparatively a new journal, JIJMR has always been able to publish in time with good quality papers every time.

I am also happy to share with all of you that Jaipuria International Journal of Management Research (JIJMR) has been included in UGC list of recommended journals meaning by publication of paper in JIJMR will be counted in API score. This is a big credibility push for the journal. We are also working very actively to associate our journal with an international publisher or database aggregator so as to give it world-wide exposure and make it broadbased.

This issue contains twelve carefully selected papers after thorough review on multiple issues currently faced by management and business world. Women empowerment is need of the hour and there are two papers in the current issue dealing with the topic. Interpersonal relations at work has always been a challenging subject and a paper on this issue has been included in the journal. Digital sustainability is another latest trend in both business and management sector and is rather biggest challenge today. Collaborative economics and strategy of Uber functioning has been discussed in another paper. Entrepreneurship is perhaps the most discussed and favourite subject in both B-schools and business world. Perception of youth about growth and barriers of entrepreneurship in India has been discussed in a paper in this issue. Similarly, there are papers on merger & acquisitions, Internet addiction among millennials, customer loyalty, emotional intelligence, gender bias, and Reliance-Jio entry in to Indian telecom sector. Thus, the current issue encompasses varying areas that are faced by management fraternity in current times.

I am also glad to mention here that January to June 2018 issue will be a special issue that will include best papers discussed in International Conference on Management Practices for the New (Digital) Economy that is scheduled in February 2018.

Once again, I reiterate that we are committed to ensure full transparency in our selection and inclusion of papers in this journal without any prejudice and are further committed for academic integrity by ensuring plagiarism free research and writing. This journal will always strive to be a role model and act as a pure academic and refereed platform on which researchers, academic and management practitioners can trust to send their research work for publication consideration.


Dr. Kavita Pathak Chief Editor – Jaipuria International Journal of Management Research Director – Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

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