Sports goods, we all know, do not fall under the category of necessary items for a large population, especially in a society which is a part of developing economy. Sellers of the commodities like sports goods, in the countries like India, are to manage on many fronts when it comes to increase the sale profitably. On the one hand they are to understand the changing needs and requirements of the existing customers of sports goods while partly they need to undertake all such measures which, if possible, can help in turning the non-customers into customers. In other words they are not only to concentrate to offer the brands of choice to the customers of sports goods on the conditions they want but also, through show casing, for example, lure the ones who till the other day were not interested in engaging themselves in sports activities. Promoting a brand, we know, is not that much a difficult task as promoting a product and that too for such items which are not considered necessary by a large section of the people in the society, specially the one which is in the stage of only a developing economy. Thus being able to sell such items which are not much in demand, as pointed out above, will certainly require a seller to be extra skillful. This paper dwells on the isses as mentioned above and covers factors and their relative importance in the area of sports marketing in emerging sports centres of India.

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