The Book reflects an author’s imagination about workplace that is an accumulation of happiness and hazards which a common man experiences in his day to day life. The book takes the readers to the journey that has various stations which are related to varied occupations ranging from rocket science to biscuit manufacture, accountancy to art. These various occupations relate to the journey of the job occupants who are either experiencing their jobs as satisfying or are defeating the purpose of their existence. The reader is able to taste the life of an ordinary workplace and escalates their experience by escalating their imaginations to a totally different world.

The Book has different segments comprising of Painting, Biscuit Manufacturer, Career Counseling so far and so forth. The author shares in his first chapter how he got inspired by cargo-ship spotters, who visualizes the possibility of globalization by observing the comings and goings of numerous ocean going vessels. He further explains in his next chapter “Biscuit Manufacture” the philosophy of a “perfect society” by Adam smith where the jobs would be so specialized that nobody will know what else others were doing. The employees have to sacrifice the happiness to achieve ideal efficiency. But the author justifies that the job is meaningful when and only when the employees are sacrificing the material possession in pursuit of happiness.

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