The globalization has brought in several challenges for industries in general and particularly more challenges to industries which depends upon human resource like the hospitality industry such as hotel, airline and tourism industries. As job opportunities are changing, hospitality industry has to tailor its HR strategies in align with global changes. The study on employer branding will help organization to know the factors that increase the brand value of the employer. The study is conducted among the internal and prospective employees of one selected hotel industry in Chennai. Most of the employees have opted to work in this company due to career development opportunities. The length of service has significant relationship with company’s growth, company’s concern towards welfare of employees, overall satisfaction. The overall job satisfaction is related to like team work, culture, interpersonal relationship and rewards. Happy employees tend to be committed towards the organization and will also refer the organization as career opportunity. The ultimate aim of employer brand should be to make company the most opted place to work, by the internal employees as well as the prospective employees.

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