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The Present study is designed to examine the impact of gender on consumer behavior among men and women belonging to the Ygeneration of Hyderabad City, India 


The Present study has used a Stratified Random sample of Men and Women of Generation Y, belonging to Hyderabad City in India. A Structured Questionnaire is used as instrument to collect Primary data from Generation Y  


This study has identified some critical behavior among men and women belonging to Y generation. Evolution of Women as household decision maker is one of major reform in Ygeneration. This gave women a vital role of DOI:10.22552/jijmr/2021/v7/i1/209139 household purchase decision making. More than 50% of population believe that their decision is influenced by advertisements. Social Media/Online (Internet) and Word of mouth are major channels that impact Y generation, Huge number of Men and women are influenced by Monetary Schemes like Cashback/ Discount/ Coupons. Men and Women of Y generation are not much influenced by Group for decision making but make decisions on their own. Women depend more on their family for decision making compared to men. Men mostly prefer local brands and Women prefer global brands  

Research implications:

Y generation is the trendsetting generation in Indian Economy and has witnessed technological advancements, globalization, social reforms and so on. They are different compared to all other past generations in Indian Economy. Due to these advancements, a different social construct was developed during childhood of Y generation. There were some significant differences among both of them, which has been studied through this research. Brands should consider gender as an important factor to cater needs of Y generation. More studies should focus on Gender to understand role of gender in consumer behavior in more detail.

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