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In brand management and its progressive enlargement, the relation between creativity of words & speech and brand always been an enriching factor.

To create a longlasting and appealing image all big and medium size manufacturer have been using this flourishing weapon to be placed in pocket of hearts of consumers and all favouring statistics and results are the robust evidence that this relation had been always a successful factor. This study undertakes thorough observations of several successful case studies and some more advanced approaches to be suggested for corporations and organizations.


This study has adopted illustrative approach and made use of brief case studies to explain the Regnant Role of Creativity & Copywriting in Branding.


This study reflects how 'Branding' and effective brand management can pay the value & profit at optimally consideration scale and how 'copywriting' has significant role in emerging effective brand expansion and establishment.  

Research implications:

This studies guides the advertisers and marketers for effective use of 'Creativity' and 'copywriting' in branding activities.

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