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The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered how businesses are being conducted. These alterations have greatly impacted the way work is performed, work content and the worker. Unparalleled wage cuts, downsizing and recruitment freeze are the standard practises that has shaken global workforce in this turbulent crisis. The present study looks at the positive and constructive actions taken by small and large organisations globally for balancing employee wellbeing and economic viability in the COVID-19 scenario.


The study has collected secondary data about positive actions taken by organisations from companies' official websites, survey reports, blog postings and news portals DOI:10.22552/jijmr/2021/v7/i1/209142 etc. and content analysis has been carried out to explore the latent themes.


By leveraging technology, organisations can bring about change and instil a structured approach to strategy formulation for forward-looking business. Organisations need to realize that the future of work has exited from board rooms and have reached the drawing rooms of the employees. Further, evolving technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things and Machine Learning are going to be means of dealing with ambiguity.  

Research implications:

The present study has given some directions to HR leaders that blending employee experiences with right form of technology while upholding the organisational values will hopefully give positive results in any future crisis. The mangers today need to increase their empathic attitude many folds to keep the employees motivated both professionally and personally. The employee's need to feel a sense of belongingness with the organisation during this crisis. Positive employee experience and engagement at this juncture will deliver broad spectrum with a sense of purpose on one side and ease of daily transactions on the other side.

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