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Emerging from a gloomy period of over two months after onset of second wave of COVID-19 pandemic that affected India at much higher scales than one can imagine, we are glad to submit before you all first issue of the seventh volume of our journal for the period of January to June 2021. Credit for this satisfying six years’ journey of the journal goes to all our contributors, researchers and practitioners who submitted their valuable research papers for publication in the journal and to our subscribers who motivated publication of this journal through their subscriptions.

After inclusion of journal full text contents in Ebsco Management Collection database, it is now included in their Discovery Service also. We are discussing with ProQuest team for its inclusion in ABI-INFORM database. Our arrangement of availability of journal contents on i-Scholar platforms is still continuing. JIJMR is also indexed on Ebsco Discovery platform, Scientific Indexing Services (SIS), USA, Root Indexing, J-Gate: Social and Management Science Collection, Copernicus and International Scientific Indexing (ISI). Inclusion in UGC-CARE list is still awaited.

Current issue of the journal contains eight research papers, a case study and a book review. The first paper titled 'Factors affecting small investors behavior: empirical evidence from mutual fund investors of a district of Uttarakhand' analyzes investment behavior of the small investors and finds out various factors which prompt the small investors to invest in mutual funds.

The second paper on 'Role of gender in consumer behavior differences of generation Y (Millennials)' examines the impact of gender on consumer behavior among men and women belonging to the Y generation.

Third paper is a literature review study on 'Work-life balance' Next paper "Perspective evaluation of Mission Karmayogi scheme in India" is an evaluation study of a Government of India’s scheme to democratize the training process of civil servants and look into the capacity-building initiatives for bureaucrats.

Fifth paper titled 'HR Initiatives to Establish the New Normal in COVID-19 Scenario' looks into much required issue of Editorial Jitender Sharma Deepankar Chakrabarti Jaipuria International Journal of Management Research (January - June 2021), 7(01), 02 employees wellbeing in the pandemic scenario. This paper studies the positive and constructive actions taken by small and large organisations globally for balancing employee wellbeing and economic viability in the COVID-19 scenario.

Sixth paper titled 'Impact of branding on customer buying behavior' is a consumer behavior study. It analyzes impact of branding on consumer buying behavior. For the study, apparel brands are chosen and geographical area of study is Ranchi.

Seventh paper titled 'Regnant role of creativity & copywriting in branding' has looked into prominent role played by creativity and copywriting in branding process. It has used several illustrations and brief case studies to explain the creativity and copywriting role in branding process.

Last paper of the current issue of the journal on 'Compulsive buying behavior of Indian consumers' discusses the factors that influence consumers for compulsive buying and gives suggestions to consumers how to manage this compulsive buying habit, to retailers on how to promote their products so as to force more and more customers to buy their products and to policy makers for framing effective education strategies to help people for using their funds wisely.

Finally, the case study "Resurgence of COVID -19 in India - A Case Study" deals with the most pressing issue of this century i.e. COVID-19 pandemic management. It looks into the crisis from political and religious angles and how the leaders and system of this country has failed its citizens.

We once again want to express our gratitude to all our contributors and subscribers for making this journey feasible and successful in providing a platform for budding and established researchers to showcase their research without any cost or without any bias of any kind.

We are hopeful that our readers will find journal contents relevant and useful in pursuing their academic and research interests.

We re-assure to always strive hard for meeting your expectation levels from the journal.

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