In the highly complex omnichannel marketing environment of today, marketers are faced with the challenge of providing a satisfying consumer experience. Understanding the increasingly complicated customer journeys as they go through the process of decision-making, consumption and post-purchase experience becomes a key imperative for marketers. One approach that has gained the attention of academicians and practitioners alike for enhancing the consumer experience is Customer Journey Mapping. This refers to the process of visually documenting a customer journey from the customer’s perspective for improved experience. Even in the context of travel and tourism, due to greater complexity of interactions between the travel service providers and the customers and diverse holiday preferences of customers, this approach appears relevant. Thus, the objective of this paper is to assess the application of the concept of customer journey mapping in the context of travel and tourism. A conceptual framework for customer journey mapping in tourism has been proposed. It is believed that there a need for more empirical studies from the perspective of travel service providers to achieve better clarity about how to create customer journey maps that incorporate the tourist perspective.

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