Retailing in India is one of the most attractive sectors and at present time there is lot of scope for the retail sector to grow. Many companies are entering into the retail sector. Because of availability of more number of retail outlets and malls, consumer has got abundance number of choices regarding the selection of the retail outlets from which they have to purchase.

For the growth of retail sector there is a need of studying the consumer behavior at the retail store. It is necessary to know how the consumer behave at a retail store, how do they make choice, what all are the attributes they look at the retail store and what are the strong motives for the purchases. There are number of factors which affect the purchase decision of the consumer. Due to increase in number of variety of goods, stores, shopping malls, consumer buying behavior has become more complicated and thus it becomes necessary for the retailers to understand the buying behavior of the consumer.

This study has been conducted to understand the retail shopper buying behavior and their experience at the store. It further studies the impact of demographic variables on the buying behavior of the consumer.

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