The financial advisors play an important role in investment decisions. It is found from the study that the investors need experience and competent financial advisors who will help them in hedging the risk associated with investment, should guide the investors in capitalizing volatility in market and also suggest the plans which will help the investor for his/her post retirement, family obligations like children education, marriage and age related ailments. Investors consider the following factors while availing the services of financial advisors such as fees charged, services offered and ethical standard followed by the advisors. The data required for the study is collected by administrating a structured questionnaire to the investors. Descriptive research design is adopted for the study. The study indicates that respondents have not incurred any loss because of wrong or non-timely advice from the advisors. The study indicates that the investors expects that the financial advisor should discuss the risk & return associated with investments, should recommend good product, keep personal information safe and solve queries & doubts on time.

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