Employee engagement is linked to leading organizational outcomes. Gamification is a fast growing trend in boosting employee engagement which uses a digital environment to make employees accomplish their objectives and mission. Enterprises are initiating to unveil the value which games could enumerate in the organization to improve performance by motivating employees. It is the procedure of applying game mechanics and game design technique to different business processes to boost employee engagement, enhance productivity and lift performance. On improving their performance the employees play a game whereby they are offered points, rewards and status which impacts their behavior in a positive manner. It breaks down complicated tasks into manageable tasks that the brain grasps over time, beyond stress and lethargy.

In the HR association companies are using gamification to boost employee engagement which is related to performance, retention and positive business outcomes. Gamified approach is enforced in HR to attract, train, engage and retain employees. It is all about provoking one’s intrinsic motivation. Gamification can incorporate a dynamic boost to arbitrate the employees to learn more. The establishment of games in the workplace make work more pleasing and interesting, thus boosting employee engagement and motivation. This paper desires to contribute to the conceptual understanding of gamification and also there is an extensive analysis of few organizations across sectors exercising gamification initiatives as an element to engage the employees of the organization.

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