It is our profound pleasure to once again put before you all first issue of the fifth volume of Jaipuria International Journal of Management Research. As always, the issue is being released before its usual schedule. This has been continuously made possible due to your trust and regularly sending your latest research papers for publication consideration in the journal. This issue contains eight research papers, a case study and a book review. We are putting our all efforts to provide all facilities to the potential and true researchers to showcase their research to everyone without any bias or cost attached.

The first paper titled "Analysis of the perception of belonging and the commitment to the generational transition" discusses the succession issue in family businesses in context of a consortium of companies dedicated to foreign trade in Mexico where succession process from father to son is going on. The paper throws lights on different ways of thinking and managing by different generations and discusses the variables those may assure the success of a generational succession process.

Second paper by Yung on "Photo elicitation market research on online social media platform" deals with concept on photo elicitation in context on marketing and particularly in social media context. It aims to provide insight, implication and draw the attention of marketers to employ photo elicitation & online social network as a means on market research such as product, service, consumer behavior, consumer comments, segmentation, usage research, awareness.

Next paper by Chitra Lele on "Organizational democracy: collaborative team culture" discusses how teamwork has grown in all types of organizations. No one looks for individual heroes as no individual can deliver all kinds of products and services required in today’s highly competitive economy. Today organizations focus on bringing co-sharing responsibility and developing global team of very committed individuals. Primarily this work is about team culture and its benefits.

Fourth paper on "Leadership at base of pyramid: using robotic process automation for vocational education & training" is about examining the current state of Vocational Education & Training (VET) in India and its role in building capacities for new-age skills, especially at the Base of Pyramid (BoP). It deals in depth various schemes launched and initiatives taken up by Government of India in skills development for the bottom most section of the society.

The paper by Shuba Johri on "Retail shoppers' buying behavior and experience evaluation: a study of Reliance store" is about consumer decision making process. It tries to understand how the consumers behave at a retail store, how do they make choice, what all are the attributes they look at the retail store and what are the strong motives for the purchases. There are number of factors which affect the purchase decision of the consumer.

Sixth paper titled "Financial advisors role in influencing investment decisions"- an empirical study” discusses a very important issue of personal finance management and role of financial advisors in the same. It mentions how unlike other services people still don’t believe or don’t go to a financial advisor and also look into the factors investors look into while using a financial advisor services.

Paper by Aditya Gupta titled "Feasibility of digital applications for toilet locating and monitoring services in urban area" focuses on Swachh Bharat Toilet Locator (SBTL) and Google Maps Toilet Locator (GTL) comparing their feasibility, usability and review system.

Eighth paper by Banasree Dey "Understanding customers journey mapping in the context of travel and tourism" discusses a novel tool “Customer Journey Mapping” for enhancing the consumer experience. This tool refers to the process of visually documenting a customer journey from the customer’s perspective for improved experience. In this paper a conceptual framework for customer journey mapping in tourism has been proposed.

Case study on "A falling giant corporation and false optimism among employees" is about the sudden falling of Jet Airways and its adverse impact on its employees and look into the issue why even the senior employees didn’t catch the ample signals about the downfall and remained stuck with the airline.

Finally, the book review section contains review of the title "Mind Without Fear by Rajat Gupta" and briefs how Rajat Gupta has presented his side of story of his fall to disgrace from such a reputed position and how he was framed and was a victim of someone else misdoings.

Overall, this issues contains papers from different areas varying from human resources, leadership succession, finance, policy making to marketing. It has a mix of papers from different countries and we are sure that our readers will find all the papers relevant to the present times and the issues which are faced by businesses currently.

We request all our readers to recommend the journal for inclusion in UGC-CARE list by sending its name to your university authorities. We assure you that we shall keep publishing latest research in management without any bias of any kind.

Jitender Sharma

Shalini Srivastava

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