E-governance allows for government transparency. Government transparency allows the public to be informed about the government’s policies. What ails India is not e-governance deficit but governance-deficit. It is good governance that will propel and sustain economic growth in India. It is good governance that will open up new employment opportunities. Good governance can restore trust of citizens in governments and make governments accountable to them. Good governance is not given naturally in any system. It has to be nurtured by developing institutions of democracy. Good governance implies a framework that has wellbeing of the people as its focal point E-governance in India is an evolutionary phenomenon, and requires a change in the mind-set of all – citizen, executives and the government. This paper deals with the issues egovernance. Security is the main concern for the citizen. To be effective, e-government should be integrated within a holistic approach that includes a supportive and democratic leadership, a viable communication infrastructure, and qualified personnel to operate the new technology. The government needs to make significant investments in areas such as IT training, assessment and awareness. The need of the hour is to maintain a proper database of all the citizens and well developed infrastructure.

The strong political will power and the social acceptability of e-governance in urban as well as rural areas is required. From the study, it is clear that egovernance initiatives have been found successful in ensuring good governance. Despite various limitations egovernance has proved meritorious service to the people at large.

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