With great pride in timely publication of first issue of third volume, we share with you all current issue of the journal. If we look back, we realize how fast the two years have passed by! After hectic work in discussing with advisory board and reviewers’ board to formulate policies for the journal and arranging logistics for the journal, today, our two volumes have already been out and with this issue even first issue of third volume is in your hands. This journey wouldn’t have been possible without active contribution of all stakeholders. We whole-heartily thank everyone who directly or indirectly contributed in bringing out this journal.

The present issue contains seven contemporary research papers and two highly relevant case studies. From among many papers submitted for publication consideration, finally the above mentioned papers are selected after going through very rigorous reviewing and editorial process.

First paper titled ‘Improving Olympic Performance of India via Principles of Management’ deals the state of sports and athletics in India. Recalling his own experience in sports, author implores the facilities, incentives, and opportunities both for participants and promoter and explore the strategy, policy and facility development that will enhance the performance of the national athletes and sport teams in international sport competitions.

In second paper on ‘From Digital Divide to Facebook Divide, Reconstruct our Target Market Segments with Facebook Native and Facebook Immigrant’ author studies how Facebook has been able to create division among target market segments. He has coined new terms like digital immigrants, digital native and so on and analyzed impact of Facebook on these different kind of users.

Third paper titled ‘Analyzing the Factors Affecting Supply Chain Performance of Organized Retail Industry: A Study on Indian Metro Cities’ is about analyzing key factors that are affecting supply chain performance of organized retail industry in India. The results of this study indicates that supply chain relationships, involvement of top management and customer satisfaction plays significant role in the performance of supply chain.

Next paper on ‘Financial Inclusion – Initiatives, Schemes and Programmes’ is on most contemporary issue of Financial Inclusion. Even today, billions of people remain excluded from formal financial systems worldwide. Financial inclusion is a critical driver of social and economic growth, giving the world’s poor access to quality financial services to help them better their own lives. Papers discusses various scheme of Government of India for financial inclusion of all sections of society and their outcome.

Fifth paper titled ‘E-Procurement Adoption Determined by various Factors – Conceptual Model Based on Literature Review’ discusses about competition and how growth and survival of organizations depend on adoption of new information technology (IT). Organization can reduce the average price by 5-12 percent on average and reduce the administrative cost up to 25 percent through e-procurement. This paper discusses various factors responsible for eprocurement adoption.

Next paper on ‘Cost Estimation in Strategic Procurement Practices: Methodology and Applications in Indian Defense Sector’ is about how estimation of cost plays very important and significant role in strategic procurement decisions. This paper provides comprehensive review of various costing methods and its underlined assumptions specifically for defense industry.

Seventh paper on ‘Financial Literacy- A Present Day Need in India’ examines how financial literacy has secured a vital role in India and its economic development. Even now, the level of financial literacy in India is very low as compared to other nations. Lack of financial literacy leads to the illinformed financial decisions and these decisions in turn, have tremendous negative impact on the financial system as a whole. This paper studies various steps and initiatives taken by Indian government and its organs to improve the level of financial literacy in India.

The first case study titled ‘The Leadership Change at the Casino Blue Bell – A Case Study’ is about impact of leadership change and how can an organization sustain over this change of leadership and its practices?

Final case study ‘Microsoft’s Acquisition of Linkedin – A Smart Move or a Mistake?’ discusses how Microsoft Corp. closed its $26 billion deal to buy the famous professional networking site LinkedIn, bolstering the largest acquisition in the tech giant’s history and how this deal can revive Microsoft’s software offerings despite topical struggles by both companies.

Reviewers, therefore, have tried to cover different aspects of management in the current issue with each paper discussing contemporary developments in their respective area. We hope that insights and suggestions given by the authors will be of use to both academics and corporate world.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome, as always, to further improve quality and contents of the journal.

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