In today’s competitive world growth and survival of organizations depend on adoption of new information technology (IT). Perhaps IT provides more efficient and effective way of doing business. IT helps to better or improve bottom line of business. Generally bottom line can be increase in two ways- i) increase the sales and with better pricing ii) improve the business process and optimize the cost and time. First point depends on many market forces like competition, addressable market, buying behavior etc. on which organization does not have control. Second point is in the purview of organization.

The adoption of e-procurement improves the procurement process of organization. Organization can reduce the average price by 5-12 percent on average and reduction in administrative cost up to 25 percent for buying organization using e-procurement methods. So it is imperative to adopt the e-procurement. This paper has explained various factors which are responsible for e-procurement adoption. Based on literature review conceptual model of e-procurement adoption has also been depicted.

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