As India’s economy continues from strength to strength, Indian companies are building on their success by looking offshore for investments and growth opportunities. It is not only a sign of their increasing participation in the global economy but also of their increasing competence. More importantly, a growing impetus for change today is coming from developing countries and economies in transition, where a number of private as well as state-owned enterprises are increasingly undertaking outward expansion through foreign direct investments (FDI).

Companies are expanding their business operations by investing overseas with a view of acquiring a regional and global reach. This paper aims to identify the scope of Indian Multinational Companies in Overseas market. It also focuses on the trends of Indian Outward Foreign Direct investment (OFDI). This study is based on secondary data analysis of government reports, RBI bulletins, UNCTAD reports and other officials reports. The study reveals that there is a positive sign of growth for Indian MNCs in overseas market in recent past.

For full text of this article, Contact Mr. Jitender Sharma at jitender.sharma@jaipuria.ac.in

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