The purpose of this study is to explore the characteristics of the theses and dissertations on new media and marketing communications from 2010 to 2015 in Turkey. These characteristics cover publication year, language, research methods, sub-subjects, page total, materials used and others. In this context, first of all the issue of marketing communications is examined. It is discovered that the academics started to evaluate the subject across the 2007-2008 year. As new communication technologies emerge with globalization, communication over the internet is now moving away from the control of people or institutions and becoming more and more open to interaction with the technological developments in internet technologies.

As a form of new media, social media consists of participant and interactive social communities. Today, social media covers different concepts such as blogs, social networks, forums, wikis, video sharing, virtual worlds emphasize the importance of the communication of the individual with the communities while also encompassing all online public that enables the members and participants to make their voices be heard in a free environment. Social media also has various beneficial features regarding the spreading of content and the speed of this sharing. Social media covers a wide range from blogs to social networks and different from traditional media enables brands to communicate with consumers thus forming deeper bonds. The meteoric rise of new electronic media has dramatically altered advertising and marketing communication planning in general. This is a descriptive research based on archival records in order to see the interest in new media and marketing communications issues in Turkey in the last five years.

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