Situation is a major factor that influences the consumer decision making on both purchase and consumption situation. The objective of the study is to identify the influence of situational factors and consumer demographic factors on snack foods purchase decision in eateries. Convenience sampling technique was used for selecting the sample from eateries in Puducherry. A total of 380 respondents were surveyed. The logistic regression analysis was applied to identify the objective of the study. The research revealed that the consumers’ snack food purchase decisions are considerably influenced by the situational surroundings. Hence, snack food outlets should be designed in an inviting manner where their presence calls for attention. This is made possible by a careful configuration of merchandise, availability of merchandise, visible name boards, and the shop should be manned by sales people who are well informed and who can convince the customers about new merchandise available as also deliver usual merchandise in a polite manner. The same method can be used to access other type of product categories such as fast food centers, leisure activities, motion pictures and health care services.

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