The telecom market which was even growing faster than the IT business had lost the momentum. Growth in the domestic market was in single digits. Small entrepreneurs like Akhilesh were struggling to keep revenues up for his organization- Zenith e-solution. The delayed revenue realization from customer was a reality which was weighing in adversely on the balance sheet, sustaining the business was a big challenge now. Although Akhilesh wasn’t surprised, he had seen it coming.

He had worked up a backup plan and was exploring the international markets for opportunities for last two years now. But HR had already informed him about the growing anger & resentment in the employees for not getting salary on time. For Mr. Akhilesh, it was a wakeup call. It was time for him to address them and convince that funds for the salary disbursement will soon be arranged. This case study can help in analyzing the skills required for a leader to retain his employees and sustain organization in turbulent times. What kind of challenges has to be faced by a leader in tough situation? What is the role of HR department and manager in such situation?

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