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With utmost pleasure, we place before our readers the latest July to December 2021 issue of our journal 'Jaipuria International Journal of Management Research' It is a matter of pride that we have been able to complete seven volumes of the journal with active participation and support of all our stakeholders.

Papers in the current issues covers varied research interests. This issue contains seven research papers, a case study and a book review.

First paper of this issue is on Gender Budgeting which is a niche area of study and encompasses gender concerns at all levels and phases of development, planning, policy making, programs, and delivery methods and is considered a critical instrument for advancing women empowerment.

Second paper by Emeritus Professor Suresh Bhatt is a study of now repealed farm laws, background and purpose of bringing out these laws and farmers' protest against the same and finally suggesting solutions to avoid such conflict of interest from the segment for whose welfare these laws were formulated.

Employees' burnout, imbalance in work and life has always been an area of concern both for employers and employees. The third paper of this issue has explored the intrinsic and extrinsic work-life cope-up strategies of B-School faculty members to reduce stress, conflict and bring harmony in day to day life.

Fourth paper is a detailed study that tries to understand different dimensions of communication, entrepreneurship education and social media for effective business communication. There are multiple ways of communication available today and effective and multiple communication media are required to ensure success of sustainable products in the market. This paper argues how authentic, genuine and ethical communication can overcome this post-truth phenomenon which has been vitiating all arenas of human activities today.

Violation of domestic workers’ rights and their working conditions is a neglected area for both policy makers and researchers. Fifth paper of this issue looks deeper into the issue of working conditions of domestic workers in India. The paper highlights the demographic outline of the women domestic workers in terms of age, educational status, caste status and Editorial Jitender Sharma Deepankar Chakrabarti Jaipuria International Journal of Management Research (July-December 2021), 7(02), 02 marital status etc. and suggests the effective measures to improve their conditions.

Sixth paper is a study of consumer preferences levels towards Ready to Eat (RTE) foods and the reasons for their choices and preferences. This study finds that ready to eat segment is more popular among singles, working couples, unmarried and people living alone and it also finds that people living in urban areas consume or prefer more ready to eat food comparing to rural areas.

Seventh paper of this issue is again a niche area of study and particularly among Indian researchers. It studies how cults thrive and how they persuade and manipulate their followers to achieve their goals. A detailed analysis has been conducted related to brainwashing techniques of cults and the long-term effects of cults on people and society.

This issue case study on 'Tata's Acquisition of Air India – Right Decision or Great Blunder?' looks into the aspect if Tata Group has taken a right and long-term beneficial decision by acquiring Air India or it is an irrational and emotional decision as this airline was started by Tata Group only in 1932 before it was nationalized.

Finally, this issue also carries a book review of the title ‘The Bahrupian Challenge: Investing the New HR, an edited volume of papers on HR by leading HR practitioners and leaders.

We thank all our authors for being a pillar of strength for us in bringing out journal in time by regularly submission of their latest research for publication consideration. We want to acknowledge that publishing seven volumes of the journal always in time in spite of various hardships and even pandemic strike has been made possible due to your support. Hence, we want to express our since thanks to all our contributors. Also, we want to acknowledge great role played by our editorial advisory body and our reviewers. Reviewing any manuscript is highly time consuming and thankless process and it is only out of academic passion that one accepts to undertake review of manuscripts and making valuable suggestions for improving the same.

A big thank to all our reviewers. Looking forward for your valuable suggestions for further improvement in the contents and quality of the journal!

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