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The focus of this study is to explain how cults use persuasion and manipulation to achieve their goals. Along with raising awareness about how individuals are exploited intellectually and emotionally in the name of religion, many cults are tackling this issue to protect themselves. This study examines the nature of cults, as well as an analysis of brainwashing techniques and the long-term effects that cults have on people and society.


In this paper, the researcher has attempted to capture information through case studies, newspaper articles, and substantial use of phenomenology


Cults have the power to change people's minds because they use numerous tactics to persuade members to share their ideas. The issue is, a person does not have to be mentally ill or unstable to engage in these activities. It is not impossible, however, to be compelled to live in such an atmosphere and discover that they have been emotionally abused for an extended period of time. Anyone can be lured into something that they may not be able to escape from because it has deep roots in their souls if they have trust and mutual respect. As a result, anyone, regardless of their sanity, can be the target of this mind control

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