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This paper attempts to perspectivize various dimensions of communication, entrepreneurship education and social media for effective business communication especially in the era of post-truth for holistic progression of the economy, individuals, leaders, entrepreneurs and managers. Communication as a means to connect with the world has gained relevance in recent years owing to the advent of various communication technologies and digital tools to revolutionize the way we think and plan about business and do it. Thus, communication can take various forms nowadays as it can be visual, available on social media, and oral alongside being written. For ensuring success of sustainable products in the market several types of communication is required. It can be related to green products, ecofriendly policies, water conservation, better work facilities at workplace, and empathetic attitude of the management towards its workers/ employees. Entrepreneurship education seeks to provide students with the knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage entrepreneurial success in a variety of settings. Despite the fact that entrepreneurship education can bring about important societal changes, its successful implementation remains a challenge even today. The post-truth scenario is a new challenge for businesses today as it surrounds us in the form of deception, fake news, propaganda and lies. This paper argues how authentic, genuine and ethical communication can overcome this post-truth phenomenon which has been vitiating all arenas of human activities today. Social media has a very serious role to play in its eradication as false information and fake news have been causing havoc in all walks of life today.


This paper is qualitative and seeks to avail of secondary data to substantiate our conceptual perspectives.


This study suggests that we need to realize the importance of effective and ethical communication and entrepreneurship education which must not remain a farfetched dream from the viewpoint of its implementation to attain holistic growth of our economy through flourishing businesses. Moreover, the menace of posttruth also needs to be dealt with stringently as it has vitiated business as well as political environments grievously.  

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