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The study is made to understand the consumer preference and behavior towards Ready-to-Eat (RTE) food. With the changing style of nourishment utilization and the advantages benefited through the utilization of Ready-to-Eat nourishment has brought about an ensuing ascent in the RTE showcase. The examination concentrated on finding the explanations behind buy and non-acquisition of Ready-to-Eat nourishment as a substitute to an everyday supper (for example Indian breads, Rice and curries) mulling over the changes in financial conditions predominant today. It consequently centers around knowing the impression of the purchasers towards Ready-to-Eat nourishment and the effect of elements on their buy expectation. There existed an uncertainty of what Ready-to-Food is, as various sources given various implications


The study is descriptive in nature. It has used structured non - disguised questionnaire and probability cluster sample methodology to collect data


It has been concluded that consumers will prefer Ready-to-Eat food if available at reasonable price and quality is ensure. It was found to be a preferred choice among single or unmarried people or living alone or among working couples. Also, paper finds that promotional activities are required to popularize the Ready-to-Eat Food.  

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