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Review Policy

A double blind review process shall be followed to determine the suitability of a manuscript for publication. All manuscripts would be subject to plagiarism check followed by an initial review at the editorial level before they are processed further. Each manuscript shall be coded to completely conceal the identity of the author(s) and sent over to TWO reviewers with a 45 day deadline. All recommendations and comments are to be made in a prescribed format sent over with the manuscript. The reviewers are required to make any of the following recommendations.

  • Accept As Is
  • Requires Minor Corrections
  • Requires Moderate Revision
  • Requires Major Revision
  • Submit To another Publication Such As
  • Reject on grounds of (Please be specific)

The reviewercomments are sent to the authors in all the above cases. All traces of the reviewer’s identity are removed from the comments. In case of revision, the author(s) are required to send the revised manuscript along with transfer of copyright within the deadline after which they are processed for publication.

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