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Student Life

Learning happens everywhere, not just the classroom

We strongly believe that Learning beyond Classroom

  • Makes Learning more engaging
  • Makes learning relevant
  • Nurtures creativity and imagination
  • Develops a sense of experimentation
  • Improves motivation to attend classes
  • Develops interest in the environment
  • Unfolds new opportunities
  • Trains the students in leadership and problem solving

“Learning outside the classroom activities are often authentic, hands-on, interactive and build on classroom learning”

Life after 6-An Informal Learning Forum

The importance of social interactions, freewheeling discussions on hot topics, learning a new art form, a new language or just plain engaging in intellectual pursuits with a flair of fun manifests itself at its best in an initiative called as ‘Life After 6’.

LA6 @ Interventions @ Jaipuria

Hobby Classes & Discussion Forum

  • Guitar Practice
  • Karate Defense Classes
  • Dance Practice
  • Caricature
  • Gossip Circle for Language Improvisation
  • Hot Coffee—Hot Issue.
  • Center Stage

Aptitude & Skill Based Courses

  • Data Analysis using Ms-Excel
  • Puzzle Time

Learning a Language
Mandarin (Chinese) Certification

Discussion FOR A
“Our best comes out when we have honest discussions”
Discussions, debates and exchange of knowledge is a way of life at Jaipuria. We meet frequently to discuss the most contemporary happenings in the domain of management, economics, polity, entertainment and other walks of life too. The idea is to help create a connected and holistic professional, who has an opinion and can create an impact.

Library Sessions
“Nothing is more impotent than an unused library”
The otherwise quiet library at Jaipuria has a designated corner meant library discussions. The discussions are spearheaded by a faculty and navigated by the students. The idea is to make the library a heaven for learning.

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