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Campus life at Jaipuria is diverse and vibrant. Students get a mix of fun and learning. At Jaipuria,there is more to a management course than a qualification or internship. What is required is an attitude where you take initiative, collaborate and execute in a team.

Kalpvriksh –Creativity and Innovation Club

Kalpvriksh – the creativity and innovation club at Jaipuria Institute of management Indore. Driven by student this cub endeavours to encourage activities like music, dance, dramatics, painting etc. where students can actively participate in various activities of this club and develop their skill sets. Through such extra- curricular participation they can unwind from the stress of academics and explore and polish the creative dimension of their personalities. Faculty Coordinator : Dr. Rekha Attri

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club is an endeavor to build practical knowledge and skills particular to the area of Marketing amongst the students. Students play a major role in organizing various events of the club. Events such as a marketing plan based competition, 'Marketing Wizard', Brand Quiz, Movie Screening, Marketing Mela , Industry expert talks, etc. are the regular activities of the club. Marketing Conclave, the signature event of the club , is held every year, in the month of October. The marketing conclave brings in the real industry experience shared by Industry experts in the area of Marketing. Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Aditi Naidu

Finance & Economics Club

Finance & Economics Club has been formed with a basic idea of creating a platform for our PGDM students in the area of Finance and Economics. Finance and Economics Club helps students to plan and organize activities by interfacing with industry practitioners. This club offers opportunities to show case your talent and organizing skills to complement and supplement the class based learning. Through Finance Club you can increase your strategic knowledge in the area of Finance and remain updated with the market. One of the objectives of club is to invite professionals from corporates, so that students can have better exposure to the external world. Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Priti Bakhshi

HR Club

The HR club endeavors to sensitise students towards the nuances of HR and inculcate interest in Human Resource related activities among them. HR Club will offer you ample opportunities to hone and enhance your social, interpersonal, and communication skills in a natural way by organizing and managing various HR activities and events. The club is actively run by students and encourages them to participate, arrange and organize HR related events. The club activities also focus on developing team spirit among the students. Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Arindam Saha

Entrepreneurship Cell

This is in association with the National Entrepreneurship Network; the e-cell at Jaipuria, Indore is fairly active, and goes by the name of 'The E-Spark Club'. The main purpose is to bring out the hidden entrepreneurial skills and create a spark of freshness with focus on Innovation, Creativity, and Imagination. Activities include running campus companies, liaising with venture capitalists to pitch ideas and raise funds, understand and learn the complete process of running a business and creation of the entrepreneurial spirit amongst all. Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Megha Jain & Prof. Priti Bakhshi

The Corporate Interface Cell

The corporate interface cell endeavors at facilitating participation for Industry Interaction, Creating and spreading innovative models and ensure regular practice on such models. The corporate interface cell works closely with the industry to develop relationships and network with senior level executives at public and private organization.

The purpose is to ensure that every participant is industry ready, and the corporate world also gets to know in details about the innovations at the Institute. Summer and Winter Immersion, industry networking and live industry projects are facilitated through the cell. There are study groups, personality development exercises, language and personal growth labs and counseling facilities in which students are regularly involved to ensure that there is collective growth and transformation of all students. Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Jagdish Bhagwat

Social, Cultural and Entertainment Club

The aim of this club is to blend different cultural and regional identities to give rise to the unique Institute culture where students learn the importance and harmony amidst diversity. World cinema forum, dance and fitness workshops, theatre production, organizing cultural evenings to provide learning from cross cultures, language learning are part of the activities. The endeavor is to ensure that every student goes out with mastering at least one 'skill' set beyond the academic requirements and also emerges culturally stronger with empathy towards the requirements of the world.

Faculty Coordinator:

Prof. Devika Trehan IProf. Kalyani Parmal I Prof. Charu Dubey I Prof. Arindam Saha I Prof. Aditi Naidu

Sports Club

The main focus of sports club is not only playing games but also make sure that there is improvement in the quality of life, fitness and health through daily exercises.To promote student interests in games and sports, sports meets are organized once a year and different matches and tournaments are held throughout the year. The Campus has facilities for indoor and outdoor sports-TT, carom, chess, volleyball, cricket, football and basketball. The club organizes morning yoga and gym sessions, evening walks and wellness and grooming sessions to facilitate a better lifestyle for all.

IT Club

The club works on everything for the "WTF" generation. WTF, Wiki, Twitter and FaceBook! The names are suggestive, and encompassing the wide arena of the digital world. The IT Club helps students to understand the current trends and needs of the IT job market. It motivates student community and making an approach towards the digital age and educates everyone about power of social media. One of the key objectives of IT club is to expand the understanding of the future of the computing professions, and their value in the business world. The Club organizes various activities for students and faculty members which help them to understand latest tools and techniques of IT and social media in order to gain the confidence in their professional career ahead. Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Pooja Kushwaha

Media Relations Club

The Media Relations Club at Jaipuria is a student-led initiative. Set up and followed across all locations -Lucknow, Jaipur, Noida and Indore -the MRC works towards building the Jaipuria brand. Interestingly, it also brings students, alumni, aspirants and corporate houses together onto the same dynamic platform.In a bid to build brand Jaipuria, students come up with story ideas and feature events on the campus through different mediums, which are then showcased on the website and on social media. Members also manage relationships with different media for campus events and look after the social media properties of Jaipuria.

PGDM Committee

PGDM committee comprise of student members from PGDM programme. The committee will function for the facilitation of academic administration. The committee will work with the Programme Director to ensure an effective and conducive academic environment for the students. Faculty Coordinator : Dr. Romi Saini

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