“Where other b-schools would’ve thought ‘we’ve placed this student; our responsibility is over’, Jaipuria Jaipur was actively concerned that i get the profile that i had initially targetted.”

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Anil Hotchandani is just one of the numerous examples of the concern that Jaipuria Institute of Management has for the career of its alumni, even after they have passed out of the institute. Anil, who had been placed with Deutsche Bank through an on-campus placement, completed his PGDM from Jaipuria Jaipur on the 27th of March 2010. He joined the Deutsche Bank KPO in Jaipur two days later.

“While working at Deutsche Bank, one day I received a call from our Placement Coordinator, Professor AnvayBhargava. ‘Axis bank has asked for resumes for the profile of Assistant Manager,’ he said. ‘Shall I send your resume?’ Professor Bhargava further informed me that this profile at Axis Bank would be in Operations. I was really touched by this gesture. Where other B-schools would’ve thought ‘We’ve placed this student; our responsibility is over’, Jaipuria Jaipur was actively concerned that I get the profile that I had initially targetted.Suddenly, I had another shot at being a major contributor in the banking sector. I conveyed my willingness to make the switch to Professor Bhargava, and soon got a call letter from Axis Bank.”

Anil Hotchandani cleared the Axis Bank interviews, and joined the Jaipur Branch of Axis Bank in August 2010. As an Assistant Manager, Anil is currently handling branch operations, and providing service to HNI (High Net-worth Individuals) clients of the bank. He is tipped to be a hot favourite for promotion to the post of Deputy Manager in March 2013.

“This is all thanks to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. I have a lot of memories associated with the institute – starting from Orientation week, right up to the Convocation ceremony. I participated in all the major activities held during my education at Jaipuria Jaipur, and am still proud of the fact that I won the award for the best summer internship project presentation. I was always busy at Jaipuria Jaipur – managing APORS (a Seminar on Operations research), coordinating quiz contests like‘Enlightened Manager’, and even coordinating Abhyudaya 2010, with support from my teammates and faculty mentors.”

Anil feels that he matured very quickly at Jaipuria Jaipur. He believes that it was at Jaipuria Jaipur that he learnt the art of maintaining relations with people from different backgrounds, thought processes and abilities, and get the best out of them.
“Actually, it never felt like studies; it was all fun! Most of us from our batch at Jaipuria Jaipur are still in touch on various social sites, and some of us who are really close meet atleast once a month at a prominent mall in the heart of Jaipur. Infact, till a few months ago, we were meeting up almost every Sunday and holiday.The rule is simple : anybody who is free will reach the designated mall, where we can catch up for 4-5 hours.”

In the Jaipur branch of Axis Bank, Anil Hotchandani is quite popular. He has represented his branch at various contests at the Regional and Zonal levels, taken part in almost all competitions, whether they were related to Acquisition of CASA or generating revenue for the branch through a product offering. Anil has won various awards and certificates for his talent and banking acumen and been honoured by the senior management at Axis Bank.

“I have realised that Jaipuria Institute of Management allows its students the luxury of time and space. My advice to my juniors at Jaipuria Jaipur is that ‘when you leave college you will have money, but might not have the friends to enjoy life with. So make

the most of your time at Jaipuria Institute of Management.”

Anil Hotchandani is positive that five years down the line, he will be sitting pretty high at a top MNC, handling a team of atleast 50 people. He hopes that someday he will bring glory to Jaipuria Jaipur.