Want to bag placement with International giant like Amazon? Sraboni Mustauphey tells us how exposure at Jaipuria, Noida made it possible

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“Jaipuria, Noida taught me that an opportunity could be big or small, but the outcome is always huge and fruitful. It is the place that actually facilitated many such opportunities and enabled me to grab them with both hands. That’s the reason I am where I am today,” says Sraboni Mustauphey, student of PGDM 2016 – 18. The advantageous position she finds herself in today is definitely an enviable one. After all, how many management graduates get placed with an International powerhouse like Amazon. Here she reveals how the exposure offered by her B School made this ‘miracle’ happen.

How it all started

Sraboni dreamt of a corporate career and wanted to be best prepared for interesting job profiles. She knew that a B School would offer her platforms to develop her personality and transition into being a professional. After diligent research, which included speaking to a faculty member of the B School, she became a part of the Jaipuria family. “I think right from the orientation days when I became aware of the vastness of the curriculum the learning never stopped at Jaipuria, Noida. There is a certain rigorousness and dynamism to learning at the B School, which has prepared me for the workplace experience and challenges,” she says.

Gaining confidence for the placement interview

Sraboni talks about different industry oriented initiatives including guest lectures at her B School, which gave her the confidence to interact with the professionals. According to her, being selected by her choice of firm for her desired job during the SIP was one of the highlights of her PGDM stint. Another highlight would come soon after with her placement with Amazon. “I think I was completely confident when I went for the interview and didn’t put myself under undue pressure. I answered all questions honestly and stayed true to myself. All four rounds of PI judged us on leadership and decision making skills, and I made the right impression,” she adds.

What lies ahead?

Sraboni claims that she hasn’t been able to wipe the smile off her face since the news of her placement. After bagging their dream job, who would! In her People Management and Operations Management role, she will be working with a team of 20 associates handling customer queries and logistics. She is raring to prove her mettle in the professional sphere and leaves us with last bit of insight from the placement interview. “I think all Amazon needed to know was how willing I was to work and mold into their environment. They tested my attitude towards crisis situations, but the key is to stay calm and believe in yourself,” she concludes.

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