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Vishnu says, “Jaipuria is equipping me with the competitive edge I need today”

Vishnu Bajania explains what influenced his decision to attend Jaipuria Institute of Management: “In today’s competitive world, technology is developing faster than ever and the demand for skilled and powerful managers is more than the B-schools are able to create. In such a scenario, I chose Jaipuria for my post graduation in management because I was sure it would equip me with the competitive edge I need to succeed today.” It looks like Vishnu made the right decision. He was selected by “bookmyshow” as an accreditation associate for his Summer Internship Project. The institute recognizes the modern pressures and rising competition and has been successfully placing students in diverse industries and roles, enabling them to be industry ready when they step out.

Vishnu has joined “bookmyshow” at a handsome stipend. His basic responsibility is to make accreditations cards for the vendors and staff members who will be there on the day of the IPL match. He shares, “It is a position that requires a lot of hard work. There are hundreds of vendors and staff members from different companies like Pepsi, ITC, IMG, Set max, DDCA etc.” The associates have other responsibilities, too; therefore, they need to have strong multitasking skills. They sort out queries, keep track of the forms, handle the data, attend workshops, and print cards.

The selection process was not easy, and Vishnu believes that Jaipuria gave him the right training that he needed in order to grab this opportunity. He has evolved as a professional in the past year, which has also helped: “I think that my sincerity during the time of interview, my communication skills, confidence and creativity in my resume enabled me to stand out in the interview. We have been trained to stay very organized at Jaipuria, right from day one.” Jaipuria puts a strong emphasis on the holistic development of its students. To ensure a sterling performance during the course and eventually a student’s lifetime, the institute has a robust mentoring process in place. Vishnu has been working with his mentor, Prof. Sonali Singh, Assistant Professor, Jaipuria who has helped him with communication skills, group discussion ability, interpersonal skills and interview skills. He is also helping him design and write his SIP report.

Accountability is one lesson Vishnu has learned in the first few days of his SIP. He believes this is his most important learning so far. And, of course, a happy and ambitious Vishnu is looking forward to his first stipend as well: “I believe in hard work and with this hard earned money, I first want to party!”

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