Vartika learnt from every bends at the Singapore study programme

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“I have been reading a lot around Inflation these days,” and the interest got triggered in Vartika since her arrival from the study programme in Singapore. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow’s Vartika Pant was thrilled by the information she gathered while interacting with the Singaporeans. From the cab driver who drove her from the airport to the hotel, to the old lady selling fragrances in the Mustafa Shopping Centre, she couldn’t believe just how a study programme could change her perception towards economics and strategies adopted by Governments all across the world.

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Having spent one full week understanding “Innovation Management” in the foreign soil, Vartika like a true traveller had her main picks happening on the streets of Singapore. “It’s astounding to see how the citizens take their duties seriously there. I had requested a guard to help us click a group photograph but he politely turned me down explaining how he couldn’t take his eyes off from his post,” says Vartika. No wonder, with such commitment being displayed by citizens of the country, Singapore is projected to have a GDP growth of 3.70 percent by 2020!

For Vartika, there were lessons at every bend and turn of the trip. The project assigned to her team was “to study the innovations that make Singapore a world class city and thereafter, reflect on how those innovations can be implemented in Lucknow to convert it into a Smart city.” Simple as it may sound, successful completion of the project laid in the observational power. With 15 teams working on the topic, Vartika’s Team 5 was the winning one. How? They kept the banks of River Gomti at the Gomti River Front in their mind while planning how Wings of Time of Sentosa Island can be housed in Lucknow. They spent hours in observing, strategizing and gauging the spends for placing the larger-than-life water screen, latest multimedia effects, including 3D projection mapping, state-of-the-art lasers, robotic water fountains and giant water jets and pyrotechnics in a comparatively smaller city like Lucknow. “Every move was calculated and thought with precision. We drew heavily from the lectures we attended and the people we interacted around these subjects,” remarks Vartika with a winning smile.

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But the most intellectually fulfilling moment from the trip wasn’t the win! It was “the lecture I attended at S.P. Jain School Of Global Management, Singapore. It was delivered by Prof. Hagit Ben. She assigned us an activity called “Passing the Ball” on communication and leadership. It was challenging!”

Clearly, unless one attends the out-of-classroom experiences amidst more dynamic ecosystems, it is not possible to believe the amount of possibilities these experiences may hold.

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