Transforming Management Lectures to a highly interactive learning experience

Transforming Management Lectures to a highly interactive learning experience, everything is possible at Jaipuria Institute of Management

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Today technology is entwined in every sphere of our life be it paying bills, booking movie tickets, or even ordering food. However, management education till now has been mostly been imparted through traditional mode; lectures, case studies, simulations; that often makes the classroom delivery monotonous. But when we combine management education and tech, together it leads to an amazing practical learning experience for students and as well for faculties.

With the attention span of Just 8.25 seconds and concentration span of 15 minutes, it becomes crucial for academicians of today to create, adapt and explore new methods of teaching.

At Jaipuria Institute of Management, students are learning every intricacy of management lessons through hi-tech applications and online platforms on their laptops, tablets and even on their mobile phones. These applications and platforms even allow them to interact with students of Jaipuria across campuses anytime and anywhere. Is it not just Wow?

Amrita Ludnwani, PGDM 2018-20, Jaipuria Indore Campus says “I never imagined how seamless technology can be integrated with learning at PG level and at Jaipuria it was my first experience to do so”. She loves to read books on Kindle Corner, a dedicated learning space for e-learning at Jaipuria. It has access to 65000 ebooks.

To add-on; “Classroom lectures are recorded and uploaded to the online video platform, where students from Noida, Lucknow, Jaipur and Indore campus respectively can view the lectures online. Is it not something extraordinary? I always heard about it that this is available in international universities but limited in India, but as of now I am using it in my first year of PGDM” says Suraj Vijay Saxena, PGDM 2017-19, Jaipuria Indore Campus.

Vallabh Mahajan, PGDM 2018-20, Jaipuria Indore Campus says “It is not a usual PGDM course; instead, it is a character evolving course for each and every student as the classrooms are equipped with next-gen equipment which helps the students to experience digital learning at its best. While breaking away from the bookish way of learning, every student gets more engaged with digital equipment which is necessary to survive in the advanced world.”

“Every student is proud to be a part of this evolutionary learning structure provided by the institution. Methods adopted here help the students to keep updated with all the latest happenings and everyone feels like a tech-savvy who is well informed. Starting from attendance to course syllabus, learning outcome everything is well accessible from the internet itself.” Says Aprit Jain Jain, PGDM 18-20, Jaipuria Indore Campus.