Theatre Workshop @ Jaipuria Jaipur

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The Theatre workshop on July 2, 2013 conducted by Mr. Ramesh Menon was based on the principles of experiential learning. The workshop uses the medium of theatre and is designed to allow individuals to experience the triggers of inter personal skills, attitude, team work and strategy in the student’s life at the B-School as well as when they step out for their professional endeavors.

The students were divided into two groups and as one group was preparing for the play in the evening, the other group was engaging themselves in exercises that involved them to shed their inhibitions and start looking at life without fear. It was a wonderful means for the students to explore sensitivity among teams, alternative solutions to everyday situations, and also to get in touch with their emotions.

The students performed their acts in the last part of the session and it was invigorating to see the energy in their performances for everybody from the participants to the audience. Mr. Ramesh Menon, the workshop conductor facilitated the students with an understanding of their take aways.

The students had a chance to connect with the others in their group and expand their comfort zones. Alternative perspectives were created to existing relationships helping in rejuvenating them. The students having observed and being part of this collaborative process have gathered enough to help create the beginning of new behavior patterns

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