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“The fusion classes which we were exposed to at Jaipuria changed our perspective significantly,” says Vatsal while discussing about his placement with XL Dynamics

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Vatsal Bagadia spent most of his life in a bustling urban environment; but, when it came time to research management programs, he knew he wanted a change- both in terms of quality exposure and management understanding. That was the reason he decided to do his PGDM at Jaipuria Institute of Mangaement, Indore. Little did he know, however, that not only would he be offered a “change in the landscape of learning”, but also an opportunity to completely transform his life. And, what was the result of his decision to attend Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore? An impressive, placement with the renowned company, XL Dynamics.

The well-earned placement with XL Dynamics has set the aspiring entrepreneur on the right track. Vatsal wants to use his learning at the institute as a guide in his professional life, as well as future business ventures. He is immensely grateful to his institute for giving him a solid educational platform: “I was given all the facilities to ensure that I had a comprehensive learning experience. The learning environment was conducive to my growth as an individual”.

Vatsal also told us about the different activities promoted by his institute. The goal of these activities is the well-rounded development of students, in addition to preparing students for the pressures of the corporate world: “Group assignments and presentations with a specific deadline were helpful in understanding the value of time management and team effort. Rigorous working schedule inside and beyond the classroom also helped us to a great extent”.

But, of course, Jaipuria, Indore offered students like Vatsal a taste of a real life corporate experience by giving them a chance to interact with industry professionals. He also talks about the decentralization of responsibilities during events, which helped students improve their ability to work as individuals, as well as part of a team. “Each one of us had to handle one responsibility or another and it made us aware of what was to come in the future”, he says. “Being able to interact with corporate professionals was a big boost too”.

There is one particular activity that Vatsal believes left a deep impact on his learning experience. “It’s the fusion class, which focused on different aspects of self-development, including communications, preparing for real life interviews, etc. There was a lot to learn from that class; right from discipline to maintaining a down-to-earth attitude, and respecting your peer group. For me, this class was a game changer in many ways”.

Vatsal encourages his juniors to take advantage of initiatives like these that will guide them towards their overall development. He also shares his own mantra to get through the program with flying colours: “Hard work with a hint of smart work is the key. You need to keep yourself constantly engaged in things that will help you learn and grow. At times, there might be no logical reason or reward for hard work, but you should persist as results will follow”. Judging by his success, Vastal’s mantra is a good approach to succeeding as a student and as a professional.

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