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The Founding class graduate- Anshumal Dikshit. His 20 years. 5 industries. 1 dream project.

The Founding class graduate- Anshumal Dikshit. His 20 years. 5 industries. 1 dream project.

When you meet the 1997 PGDM alumni Mr. Anshumal Dikshit, it takes very little time to realize the secret behind all that success- the man is a perfect balance of grace and wisdom. Anshumal Dikshit has spent 20 years in the industry and interestingly, across five major sectors. He has tasted the waters of Manufacturing, Media, Banking, IT and Hospitality before he embarked on building his own successful venture as a veteran HR consultant. Today, Anshumal Dikshit runs one of the leading HR consulting agencies of North India- the HR Mantra Consulting and heads the office as its Principal Consultant.

1997 had seen Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow churn out its founding class- a group full of young, dynamic and ambitious professionals who are now creating wonders across the world. The young Lucknow boy Anshumal had stepped out of the campus with a placement offer from Sona Koyo Steering Systems Limited. Having spent couple of years in the Auto component manufacturing industry, he entered the eFunds world with HR Lead and soon shifted to Banking with Citi Group. Where others saw stumbling blocks, Anshumal Dikshit saw steppingstones. He spent considerable tenures across industries, bagging promotions, taking significant hikes, changing profiles to profiles and all that while, he went on learning and gathering valuable experience throughout his journey.

In 2007 Anshumal had an offer from the Oberoi Group. A big task where he had to head the 80 years old group’s Corporate Learning and OD function. “I enjoyed the years immensely there. It was a new sector for me and there was learning at every bend and turn of the road,” remarks Anshumal as he looks back at the years traversed. And then another short stint with Videocon as its Head HR in the Manufacturing unit and then finally Patni Computer Systems happened.

The man who has jumped from one industry to another with an insatiable hunger to learn and experiment new things finally took a pause at Patni for five years. His work earned him great many accolades and praises alongside colleagues’ infinite encouraging words. Atul Kulshreshtha, Vice President Business Services at Capgemini himself says- “I have been twice lucky to have Anshumal as my HR Leader once at IGATE/PATNI and earlier at eFunds/FIS.” Needless to say, experience backed with an endless drive to learn has no substitution, whatsoever.

And just when you will think Anshumal Dikshit has arrived in life, he would surprise you with more stunts in his portfolio. He left Patni, and joined Arvato, headquartered in Gutersloh, Germany. In his words- “As a Country Head for HR, Arvato was a unique opportunity that provided me a strategic direction to the enterprise and it helped me create capability for the next league.” And finally, with all the experience under his belt- he ventured out.

In 2016, Anshumal Dikshit laid down his 20 years plan- HR Mantra Consulting, the vague dream that he had once dreamt inside the classroom of Jaipuria Institute of Management. “I had chosen my specialization with a lot of clarity in my mind but then, to dream is one thing and to execute the dreams- another,” says the charming, handsome and successful alumni of Class 1997. Bottom line- “You got to know when you are ready. Everyone wants to start up today but Experience, you need it even today. The rules are still the same, yes, the games have definitely changed,” concludes Anshumal Dikshit with a broad smile on his face.

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