“The flora and fauna of the huge Jaipuria campus at Lucknow provide great opportunities for photography.” – Avanikant Mishra

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Avanikant Mishra is on a high. About to complete his first year at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, Avanikant has been selected as the Coordinator of the Marketing Club, and is also part of the Media Relations Club (MRC) of Jaipuria Lucknow. Avanikant believes this is largely because he is a good learner, an eternal optimist and a passionate photographer.

“I belong to Bihar, was born and brought up in Kolkata, and did most of my schooling in Patna and Ranchi. You will always find me clicking random pictures. The flora and fauna of the huge Jaipuria campus at Lucknow provide great opportunities for photography.”

Known among his course-mates for his understanding of the ‘value for money’, Avanikant shortlisted Jaipuria Lucknow on three parameters – target industry, RoI (Return on Investment) and Rankings.

“I have always wanted to be a part of PSUs. If you see the placement records, you will find that the most number of Jaipuria Institute of Management alumni are placed with PSUs. Every year, government banks recruit from the Jaipuria campus in great numbers. Return on investment is 100% at Jaipuria, since you acquire a very wide knowledge base, experience and exposure. Also, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow has been ranked 6th in B-schools in Northern India.”

Apart from MRC( Media Relation Club), Avanikant rates the experience of working for Disha – a social initiative group of Jaipuria Lucknow and IIM Lucknow – as a part of the student interface committee, as one of the most memorable parts of his first year at Jaipuria Institute of Management.

“Each day spent in Jaipuria is memorable. I’ve come across a lot of things in the last one year which I never imagined I would’ve experienced. The high points have been winning awards in dramatics, being felicitated by the MRC Chairperson, Ojas Night and Talash Night; and I’ve captured all these moments – and many more – in my camera. The faculty members at Jaipuria Lucknow are very experienced and have lot of knowledge to share with us. In fact, some of our faculty members are guest faculty at IIM Lucknow. Our professors don’t just guide us in class, but are always there for students beyond class and college hours.”

Avanikant observes that Jaipuria Lucknow fosters a very deep bond between seniors and juniors, because in his view the seniors are more like “elder brothers-cum-pals”. He is positive that, two years down the line, he will be able to find a suitable placement in his target industry, which will pave his way to the senior executive level in the organisation he serves.